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Our Team – Contact

Dr. Wolfgang Degener

Managing Partner

phone: #49 5201-85661-13

Main focus
Project management,
process engineering,
and containment systems

Dipl.-Ing. Kerstin Büker

Managing Partner

phone: #49 5201-85661-11

Main focus
Project management,
pharmaceutical technology,
clean media, and validation

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Nuhn

Managing Partner

phone: #49 5201-85661-12

Main focus
Project management, GMP consulting,
pharmacy planning,
and qualification

Alexander Danopoulos

phone: #49 5201-85661-15

Main focus
Supply systems, start-up,
and qualification

Dipl.-Ing. Marco Drga, MSc

phone: #49 5201-85661-20

Main focus
Project management, pharmaceutical engineering, qualification,
and documentation

Tim Hermeier, B.Eng

phone: #49 5201-85661-21

Main focus
Pharmaceutical engineering,
electrical engineering,
commissioning and CAD (2D)

Lukas Knof

phone: #49 5201-85661-24

Main focus
Aseptic filling and freeze drying, commissioning and qualification

Jaqueline Kube

phone: #49 5201-85661-23

Main focus
(Project) Assistance

Edwin de Rijk

phone: #49 5201-85661-19

Main focus
and CAD
(2D and 3D)

Dipl.-Ing. Claudia Schöfisch

phone: #49 5201-85661-18

Main focus
Pharmaceutical engineering, start-up,
and qualification

Yahya Taftanazi, BSc

phone: #49 5201-85661-17

Main focus
Supply systems, clean room technology, start-up,and CAD (2D)

Our partners

To ensure a holistic and complete results of work, we cooperate with experienced partners on the basis of long-term relationships.

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